ADIADO PARA 2021 | MXGP´20 - Mundial de Motocross @ Águeda

ACTIB - Águeda Action Club

ADIADO PARA 2021 | Oferta de 1 Bilhete para o Mundial de Motocross – MXGP'20 @ Águeda


A Sea of Words

Saber Vocabulário Inglês

Do you enjoy new challenges?
Are you as brave as the Portuguese Navigators?
Here in “SelectAndWin” we develop a game in which you can upgrade your vocabulary. Enjoy yourself while learning new words.
If you are brave enough, you should dare navigating in this Sea of Words. The game allows you to learn not only in Camões’ language, but also in Shakespeare’s.

Língua Gestual Portuguesa

Língua Gestual Portuguesa

What is the most beautiful language?
There are those who like Italian, others Portuguese, others still French, many of English ... but for us, the most beautiful are the Gesture Languages, where the hands, like fluttering birds, draw lines, movements, positions as if of a ballet it was.
Take the challenge and learn the first gestures. Have fun. Communicates.

European Union

European Union

Countries that volunteer to group together to share the gift and work for a better future is an act of praise.

We are 28 neighbors with access to each other's houses, we work together, we are in solidarity when some are less well, we share knowledge and most importantly we like to be together.

I like to live on this street with the most beautiful name in the world: European Union